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Traffic Exchange Rankings Based on Traffic Delivery
Traffic Delivery Volume & Surfer Count Updated 3 AM EDT Daily
Rankings & Alexa Updated 3 AM EDT Monday

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Ranking & Listing Information
The Rankings are based mostly on traffic delivery, however new members, active members, alexa rating, and click through rates are weighted into determing a sites ranking. Click Through Rate data is taken from the Explosive Traffic Co-Op. Participation in the Explosive Traffic Co-Op Traffic Agent Program (Found in Account Menu) will help produce more accurate CTR data. CTR Data is not currently factored into the rankings.
If you just added your site, expect your ranking to increase over the first 90-Day period as data is collected.
Click here to add your site if you wish to add your Traffic Exchange site.
If you wish to remove your site, delete the 'tdr_reporting.php' file from your home directory. When the site fails to find your reports, it will remove your site from rankings.
Site Badges & Promotional Materials
Show off your rank by placing these images on your site. They will automatically update with your site rank when viewed from your site.
Don't forget to link the image back to the report so your members can verify your ranking.
115x35 Rectangle -

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125x125 Square -

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